KharidiyeBasic Assembled Computer: Ryzen 7 4700s 8 core 16 Thread Processor, 16gb ram, 500GB SSD, 4GB Dedicated Graphics Card, Cooler Master K501L ARGB Cabinet & 450W Bronze 80+ Power Supply (Brand New with Brand Warranty)


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  • Ryzen 7 4700s 8 core Processor, 500GB SSD.
  • 16GB RAM for powerful performance.
  • 4GB Dedicated Graphics card.
  • CoolerMaster K501L ARGB 2 FAN Cabinet.
  • CoolerMaster 450W Bronze 80+ Power Supply.

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Work with confidence in this powerful yet small form factor design. Buy the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 Powered by high-performance AMD “Zen 2” architecture, the AMD 4700S Desktop Kit that delivers superb performance.

The PC Build Made Easy Bringing modern PC performance into a simple preconfigured kit. The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit aims to address common pain points consumers see when purchasing a system.

Component Compatibility; Performance Compromises; Modern Day Security Vulnerabilities Designed with Your Protection in Mind The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit features the latest AMD security features to help protect your data from today’s sophisticated attacks.

Integrated Hardware Root of Trust in every system-on-a-chip (SOC). Trusted Execution Environment helps protect data integrity.

Firmware TPM helps safeguard Cryptographic Keys AMD 4700S Desktop Kit Specifications:-

  1. Processor AMD 4700S 8-Core Processor “Zen 2” Architecture PCIE Slots 1X PCIe x16 Slot, Supports (x4 Gen 2 Signal) SATA Ports 2 M.2 SSD Slot No
  2. LAN 1Gbps I/O Ports (Rear) Display NO; Audio YES; USB3 3x Gen2 + 1x Gen1; USB2 4x Front Panel Header USB3 2x Gen1;
  3. HD Audio Header Power Supply Minimum 250W required.
  4. Suggest 300W or greater.
  5. Add on components, such as graphics cards, may affect minimum requirements.


About the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 from Kharidiye.com?

Ryzen 7 from the makers of AMD is the most powerful series of Micro Processors. It gives you the ultimate feel of being a gamer when installed in the right motherboard made for it.

You can play heavy file games even at 4K display at 180 fps. This gives you a better vision of the game play, you can see your target clearly and aim perfectly to finish the level. Just like for the game Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare.

Assembled Computer Ryzen 7


Our product (Assembled Computer Ryzen 7) is equipped with 500GB space of SSD. This makes enough for you to store your personal data, open your files quickly (because of the SSD), transfer files from one network/device to another.

The buck does not stop here. You get a 4 GB graphics card of Nvidia exclusively. This powers up your computer to perform at it’s best. Will load your games faster and quicker to respond to your controls.

So what about the Cooler for the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 from Kharidiye.com?

Well you don’t have to think a lot about the cooling for the product. We are installing it with CoolerMaster K501L ARGB 2 FAN Cabinet in the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 of AMD by Kharidiye Basics . This means that two fans can be added in the cabinet to quickly exhaust out the heat from the desktop. Cooling down the cabinet and making your work execute faster. 

Assembled Computer Ryzen 7

Why buy the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 from Kharidiye.com?

We at Kharidiye.com knows that desktops still plays the most important role for high and heavy work files. Especially when it comes in terms of Editing your video files that take over a lot of RAM as well your memory.

With this a proper cooling is also needed for the device to perform well. Thus with the Powerful Ryzen 7 you can make your work done faster along with the Coolmaster cooling system to exhaust out the heat.

As a part of the Kharidiye Basics, we at Kharidiye.com also has other related products that you can select if you want to upgrade more with our Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 desktop device.

You get the opportunity to upgrade more things in the desktop cabinet you are working on. With respect to price, we are all there to look into it, offering at the best price. Making you difficult to refuse.

We at Kharidiye.com, provides customers original and authentic products. We have been acknowledged by customers across India for providing the right quality products, as we make sure the products to you are under warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the best of the Desktop Device for your work need from the best Online E-Commerce Retailers of New Delhi. Add to cart the Assembled Computer Ryzen 7 today, and enjoy the performance of a fast computer before others get it.

Hurry!!! Order now before stocks last.

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