Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)


  • Moderate surface friction
  • Consistent surface friction
  • Matched to Logitech G sensors
  • Stable rubber base
  • Comfortable cloth construction

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Logitech GSeries | Science Wins

It’s easy to be passionate about winning, but at Logitech, our passion is in the science that makes winning possible. We build precise gaming instruments. We advance technology so gamers can reach new levels of speed, precision, reliability and comfort. Science is our philosophy, our methodology for studying, testing, and advancing gamers’ experience—in the lab and in the game.


Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Elevate your control. Elevate your game.

Improve mouse control and precision with the mouse pad made specifically for low-DPI gaming. The cloth surface gives you the ideal friction for rapid and sudden starts, stops and changes of direction. It’s also designed to bring out the very best performance in your Logitech G gaming mouse—so you can gain even better pinpoint accuracy.

noteworthy features

Moderate surface friction
The cloth surface gives you just the right amount of friction for precise cursor placement and rapid maneuvers in low-DPI gaming.

Consistent surface texture
The uniform tracking surface helps improve your aim and unlock the full accuracy and speed of your Logitech G gaming mouse.

Matched to Logitech G sensors
Relentless testing in the lab with Logitech G gaming mice gives you the highest-performing cloth surface ever made for Logitech G sensors.

Stable, comfortable base
The rubber base keeps the pad in place—even during high-intensity games—while the thin design (only 1 mm) keeps your wrist comfortable, gaming hour after hour.

Strong, flexible construction
Ultra-durable cloth and rubber construction keeps your mouse pad looking new. And it’s easy to roll up and take with you wherever you’re gaming.

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